We worked with Warner Theatre on renovating their Lower Level VIP lounge. They wanted to update the look by having similar decor to the rest of the theater and
represent Washington, DC. The space also had to be functional, allowing for ease of movement through the space and maximizing bar utilization. The result was a
transitional space, with clean lines, and optimal efficiency. The existing temporary bar was removed, and a larger bar with stone, lighting, and wood details was installed.
The back bar was designed for two bar tenders, and a poster box was converted into a lit liquor display. The furniture was laid out to maintain easy access to the restrooms on either side, and the rear entry rotunda. Marquee style lighting with coffers were installed at the rotunda to provide a connection to the front entry. The finishes selected were to match some of the existing stone and to reflect the embellishments throughout the theater, with new lighting, the space became a bright enjoyable space to pass
the wait times before an event or during intermission.

Photography by Eric Taylor Photography. Construction by HBW.

Warner Theatre


Design Hospitality Interior Theater


August 27, 2016


Warner Theatre