To further provide assistance to clients, GEICO has Local Offices located throughout the country. One can stop in and speak with an agent to purchase insurance rather
than doing so online or through the phone. Our client was opening a new Local Office in a retail center in Alexandria. Our client wanted a nice, cleanly designed space with the budget and schedule taking precedence. The reception area needed to be spacious with a dual height work surface for multiple agents, waiting area, and a hospitality area. The reception area also needed to be a branded space to take full advantage of the storefront. The office area needed privacy for agents as well as clients who were meeting with them, yet needed to allow for access to the reception area. The office area consists mainly of workstations, an open pantry, an office, and a restroom.
Continuity of branding was important for the office area as well.

Photography by Tony Ventouris Photography. Construction by M2 Construction.



Design Interior Retail


January 12, 2016